We understand what owners want, the best possible treatment for their dogs.

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Owners are actively involved in their pet’s treatment – this is an essential part of the recovery process.

All treatments are carried out in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeon’s Act 1966. In accordance with the act we require veterinary consent.


Here is some great footage of Buddie using the Underwater Treadmill. Great to see him so doing well.

If you’ve not met Buddie before you can find out more about him here.

From time to time we publish stories about some of the lovely dogs we meet. To read the latest visit our news page.

“My biggest dog thrill was when I was lucky enough to take a sled dog ride in Sweden across the frozen tundra. The issues they develop are different to other working dogs and pets due to the great stresses they put themselves under to pull heavy sledges. Their issues are unique and fascinating.

I am not just about sledge dogs though.

It is always a moment of satisfaction when, after working with a particular dog for a while, we see a marked improvement. For example, recently I worked with an agility dog who was potentially reaching the end of her career. Working in partnership with the owner and the Vet the treatment rehabilitation programme I devised paid dividends. The dog has now returned to competition.  I have also helped dog owners prepare for shows and different events, devising fitness regimes to ensure that the dog reaches the show in its peak condition. This is always an interesting task as each dog is (obviously) different and matching the regime to the needs is paramount. Over the years I’ve shown dogs at Open and Championship shows, including Crufts.

Speaking of competition, I just love sheep dogs. Following my interest, I spent some time up in Lancashire with a group of shepherds learning how sheep dogs are trained. This experience deepened my appreciation for working dogs of all kinds. There are some parallels between the sheep dogs and some work I did with South Yorkshire Police dogs. Here we were looking at a skill called tracking. The ability of the German Shepherds to search and find was impressive to say the least.

All dogs have an important job to do, whether it’s a working dog with a specific task or a much-loved family pet. They all need to be looked after so that they can fulfil their role.

I see every dog is an individual, every dog is treated as an individual. What we are aiming for is to maximise every dogs potential.

P.S. My guilty claim to fame is that I once swam an iguana! ”

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