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Albert and Rufus ~ Brothers in Arms

Perhaps the only bonus of being unable to work for many years, has been that I have been able to have dogs. They have been a part of my life since I was a nipper within the family and later, having left the Royal Air Force in 1989. I am a lover of large dogs and it is probably fair to say that over the years they have got larger. Always marvellous Mental Health assistants & I would like to think that I have always done my best for them. For some reason I always seem to have wonky dogs as my family & friends call them. Dogs that would have had much shorter lives, had we not found each other, I have been told.

Albert & Rufus, despite my hopes, have followed in this unwanted tradition. The brothers were born October 1st, 2016. Four generations of learning were lost when Wilbur due to bone cancer was unable to pass it on. I had gone to Scotland to get him a pal, he was ready as Murphy had died in the July. Between arranging to go to Scotland and going, I lost Wilbur suddenly. I decided to travel anyway as the silence at home was deafening. They were six weeks old and all I did was watch them for a while. Then in a mad moment I said, I’ll have those two. I did not want to create what I had been trying to put right for Wilbur, by bringing just the one. I have always had dogs in pairs. Quite frankly, living with me can be quite boring sometimes and at least they have each other. They arrived here on November 26th, eight weeks old.

On July 4th, 2017, Rufus was diagnosed with chronic hip & elbow dysplasia. This was devastating, and I thought that he was lost. I have them both insured, but not to the extent that new hips could ever be a reality. When I saw my Vet Mr Davison with him following the diagnosis, I was soon to realise that he would not be lost at this time. Pain management was the way forward and in time, a really fulfilled life. When the pain was under control Hydrotherapy was suggested as the way forward. At this point I met Pam & now, Rufus is a new boy. He is healthier than he has ever been, all down to the Hydrotherapy he has been having for over a year now. Before, everything he did came at a painful price. Albert also has the Hip and elbow dysplasia but nowhere near the extent to which Rufus has & has also been introduced to Hydrotherapy. The brothers now play in the garden in such a way that I could only have imagined. We still have a way to go yet, but the next phase begins soon as they are two years old on October 1st and should have stopped growing, finally. They are a Giant Breed, but they are both very large. Rufus’s growth rate, extraordinarily so. It is like he has outgrown his skeleton, even to the extent that he has always had his tongue settled outside his mouth from the moment he got here. Rufus is also the calamitous one, if anything is going to happen, it has & does happen to him. Albert weighs in at 78.8 Kilograms, Rufus 91.4 Kilograms.

Despite everything I love them dearly & I would not be without them. They are truly brothers in arms. They have marvellous temperaments; love people and it’s is true when I say that their photographs have made it to many parts of the world. They enrich my life & I think it is fair to say that they do the same, to those who meet them.


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Lyra and squeaky Boris (the ball)

Lyra started her hydrotherapy sessions at the age of 7 months old. She was referred by our vets to Pam as she had an intermittent limp & stiffness, due to her bones in her front legs growing at different rates. We were advised that hydrotherapy sessions would help to build up her muscle strength & get Lyra using her legs in a better way so that she would not get sore & limp. Our family were hoping that hydrotherapy would do the trick & Lyra could exercise & walk normally without being in pain.  If you have ever have had the wonderful experience of owning a cockapoo puppy- restricting their exercise is not always great as they love being out & about saying hello to everyone & other dogs. I was also hoping that this approach would avoid the need for surgery.

On our first visit, we were booked in for a consultation, so that Pam could assess what treatment was needed, get to know Lyra & introduce Lyra to the equipment she would be using- namely the underwater treadmill.  Pam did a great job at putting Lyra at ease & making sure Lyra was confident to use the equipment. Lyra was very happy in her company, and cheekily spent some of her consultation appointment sitting on Pam’s scales.

When we came for our first hydrotherapy session- Lyra very happily came & did what she needed to do. There was plenty of tail wagging happening (& some sneaky water drinking in the treadmill). Lyra first had to get her legs showered down, have a harness put on, along with 2 leads. This was facilitated by Bridget- who Lyra immediately bonded with. It’s very clear that both these ladies/people (please use what you prefer) are both big dog lovers. Lyra willingly did her exercises in the underwater treadmill & quickly picked up when Bridget was starting or slowing down the treadmill. We enlisted the help of Lyra’s favourite squeaky pink ball- also known as Boris, to help motivate Lyra & keep her waking & pointing in the right direction. All went well with her first session & I think she really enjoyed herself & the attention she got. She had a very good sleep once we got back home- as despite not being on the treadmill for a really long time- it really tired Lyra out.

Lyra is now 8 months old, and has completed her first 4 weekly hydrotherapy sessions. She is still really enjoying it, and Boris the pink squeaky ball is not being used quite as much- Lyra has picked up on what to do very quickly. Pamela has done a great job on teaching her what to do & making Lyra feel confident in what she is doing. She really cares about her patients. Week 3 confused Lyra as she had to face the other way on the treadmill. Not only did she miss seeing Bridget- but she couldn’t gauge when Bridget was stopping or starting the treadmill.

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The great thing is, that she is also getting better. Lyra’s hydrotherapy sessions, along with Pamela’s advice on what to do at home & when walking with her, are making a big improvement to her limp & soreness. It’s really lovely to see that Lyra is getting better & better.  Fingers crossed that under Pamela’s care Lyra will continue to make great strides (excuse the pun!).


Cookie on the beach

Cookie has always been an active dog and loves chasing her football round the garden. In November 2016 she woke up one day unable to walk on her back legs and after crate rest she got better. This happened again in March 2017 when our vet suggested hydrotherapy. We were happy to try this out even though our little sausage has never been keen in water. Pam and Bridget made sure she felt comfortable and eased her into it. Cookie now gets very excited when we tell her she is going swimming and even has her own little swimming ‘costume’. She seems to practice interval training most of the time as she likes drifting back on the treadmill. She has a much stronger core now which means she can run faster on her beach walks! She definitely enjoys her sessions and is very tired after them.










Bobo steps out

Pamela Marsh and everyone in her team have been nothing short of a miracle for my 7 year old Frenchie, Bobo. He’s had two different operations in two years and has really struggled. Now, thanks to his hydrotherapy, plus all the brilliant little things Pamela has advised we do at home, he’s well on his way to being fully fit again. I can’t thank her enough for all the time, effort and care she shows Bobo every single time she sees him. He loves going there, and always get’s so excited when we pull into the drive… even if his face tells a different story!



Amber is back on her paws

“Amber has made amazing progress over the months she had hydrotherapy with Pam Marsh.   I was told by my vet that her slipping patella wasn’t bad enough to have surgery yet.   I wanted to try the natural way and wasn’t prepared to wait till she got worse for surgery which I would avoid if at all possible.  Pamela is very professional and has done a great job.  No more skipping holding her leg up.   I would thoroughly recommend anyone with a dog suffering with joint problems get an appointment with Pamela to assess what treatment they need.   Just look at the before and after pictures of her back left leg.”


“It is really good to see Amber back on her paws and active.”

Pamela Marsh

Ming Back On Active Form

ming-beforeMing’s owner says, “I got up one morning and Ming couldn’t stand, sit or even move.  The Vets did blood tests and X-rays, they treated him with antibiotics and other medication but no improvement.  He lost his voice and couldn’t eat.  I had to syringe food into him.  After a week with no progress my Vet put me in touch with a Consultant Veterinary Neurologist.  Ming just laid on his office floor.  When I said that he had lost his voice he knew what was wrong with him.  Getting a prognosis was everything, it gave me hope.” Ming’s Consultant veterinary Neurologist said that the only way to Ming becoming well would be excellent nursing and lots of professional physiotherapy.  “I knew an excellent physiotherapist and together we have enabled Ming to make a full recovery in just 10 weeks.”

“Because Ming couldn’t sit or stand I carried him outside and laid him on the grass.  It would take him 10 minutes before he could go to the toilet.  Because he had no control ming-posthe would roll in everything.  He also had a shallow bowl for water next to his head day and night.  He slept a lot but when he was awake I would do physio with him showed to me by my canine physiotherapist.  His recovery was gradual but within 10 weeks he was back to his normal self.”


Ming was diagnosed with Acute Idiopathic Polyradiculoneuritis.

It’s great to see Ming back on his feet!