Amber is back on her paws

“Amber has made amazing progress over the months she had hydrotherapy with Pam Marsh.   I was told by my vet that her slipping patella wasn’t bad enough to have surgery yet.   I wanted to try the natural way and wasn’t prepared to wait till she got worse for surgery which I would avoid if at all possible.  Pamela is very professional and has done a great job.  No more skipping holding her leg up.   I would thoroughly recommend anyone with a dog suffering with joint problems get an appointment with Pamela to assess what treatment they need.   Just look at the before and after pictures of her back left leg.”


“It is really good to see Amber back on her paws and active.”

Pamela Marsh

We have a new leaflet

An all new leaflet hot off the press. New cover stars, new information and old friends.

Pick yours up at your local vets or if for some reason they they don’t have theirs yet
call us on 01949 837 111 and we’ll send you one.

Carley waiting for her new leaflet.

Oodles investigates new treadmill

Meet Oodles.
Today she is visiting to use our new hydro treadmill to help strengthen her leg.

As you can see she was quite taken with the logo.

Carley steps out

We love this picture.

It shows Carley using the incline feature of our underwater treadmill to work on her shoulders.

An Underwater (Treadmill) Movie

Here is some great footage of Buddie using the Underwater Treadmill. Great to see him so doing well.

If you’ve not met Buddie before you can find out more about him here.

Case Study: Border Collie: Buddie

buddieBuddie is a very cheeky 10 year old border collie, always up to mischief and very active.

In August 2016 he had an accident whilst running down some sloped garden steps in the back garden and injured his back. He could not walk or even stand on his back legs. After an MRI scan it showed that he had spinal trauma and could only get around if I held him up with a sling under his back end.

Going from an extremely fit and happy dog he was very frustrated and unhappy at not being able to do the things he use to do. He risked hurting his back further by trying to do silly things thought boredom.

Hydrotherapy was suggested to me by the vets so Buddie could strengthen his muscles safely and still do exercise whilst being supported.

After searching the internet I found Pamela Marsh and contacted her for help and advice. After meeting Buddie Pamela give myself and Buddie some advice on ways to help Buddie to exercise safely at home to strengthen his back and legs. Pamela decided that the hydro therapy pool would be good for Buddie and he took to it straight away.

His mobility has returned and is back to his normal cheeky self, into everything and always up for a walk.

Pamela and her team are very patient and understanding. Now Buddie is feeling back to his normal, each visit Pamela knows to move any paperwork well away from the pool as Buddie seems to think it fun to splash in the pool and try and wet everyone and all the her paperwork.
by Julie Househam