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We have some new equipment

water-treadmillWe are pleased to be able to offer a new water treadmill with incline as part of our Hydro Physiotherapy service. The picture to the left shows our new piece of equipment actually being made. (It’s quite a size as you can judge. Note the man in the photo for scale!)

Our new water treadmill allows us to offer a more comprehensive range of treatments. We see this as the final peice of the puzzle that includes physiotherapy, home exercise plans, hydrotherapy and now water treadmill rehabilitation programmes.  We can confidently say that we are the best equipped practice in the area.

Ming Back On Active Form

ming-beforeMing’s owner says, “I got up one morning and Ming couldn’t stand, sit or even move.  The Vets did blood tests and X-rays, they treated him with antibiotics and other medication but no improvement.  He lost his voice and couldn’t eat.  I had to syringe food into him.  After a week with no progress my Vet put me in touch with a Consultant Veterinary Neurologist.  Ming just laid on his office floor.  When I said that he had lost his voice he knew what was wrong with him.  Getting a prognosis was everything, it gave me hope.” Ming’s Consultant veterinary Neurologist said that the only way to Ming becoming well would be excellent nursing and lots of professional physiotherapy.  “I knew an excellent physiotherapist and together we have enabled Ming to make a full recovery in just 10 weeks.”

“Because Ming couldn’t sit or stand I carried him outside and laid him on the grass.  It would take him 10 minutes before he could go to the toilet.  Because he had no control ming-posthe would roll in everything.  He also had a shallow bowl for water next to his head day and night.  He slept a lot but when he was awake I would do physio with him showed to me by my canine physiotherapist.  His recovery was gradual but within 10 weeks he was back to his normal self.”


Ming was diagnosed with Acute Idiopathic Polyradiculoneuritis.

It’s great to see Ming back on his feet!