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Albert and Rufus ~ Brothers in Arms

Perhaps the only bonus of being unable to work for many years, has been that I have been able to have dogs. They have been a part of my life since I was a nipper within the family and later, having left the Royal Air Force in 1989. I am a lover of large dogs and it is probably fair to say that over the years they have got larger. Always marvellous Mental Health assistants & I would like to think that I have always done my best for them. For some reason I always seem to have wonky dogs as my family & friends call them. Dogs that would have had much shorter lives, had we not found each other, I have been told.

Albert & Rufus, despite my hopes, have followed in this unwanted tradition. The brothers were born October 1st, 2016. Four generations of learning were lost when Wilbur due to bone cancer was unable to pass it on. I had gone to Scotland to get him a pal, he was ready as Murphy had died in the July. Between arranging to go to Scotland and going, I lost Wilbur suddenly. I decided to travel anyway as the silence at home was deafening. They were six weeks old and all I did was watch them for a while. Then in a mad moment I said, I’ll have those two. I did not want to create what I had been trying to put right for Wilbur, by bringing just the one. I have always had dogs in pairs. Quite frankly, living with me can be quite boring sometimes and at least they have each other. They arrived here on November 26th, eight weeks old.

On July 4th, 2017, Rufus was diagnosed with chronic hip & elbow dysplasia. This was devastating, and I thought that he was lost. I have them both insured, but not to the extent that new hips could ever be a reality. When I saw my Vet Mr Davison with him following the diagnosis, I was soon to realise that he would not be lost at this time. Pain management was the way forward and in time, a really fulfilled life. When the pain was under control Hydrotherapy was suggested as the way forward. At this point I met Pam & now, Rufus is a new boy. He is healthier than he has ever been, all down to the Hydrotherapy he has been having for over a year now. Before, everything he did came at a painful price. Albert also has the Hip and elbow dysplasia but nowhere near the extent to which Rufus has & has also been introduced to Hydrotherapy. The brothers now play in the garden in such a way that I could only have imagined. We still have a way to go yet, but the next phase begins soon as they are two years old on October 1st and should have stopped growing, finally. They are a Giant Breed, but they are both very large. Rufus’s growth rate, extraordinarily so. It is like he has outgrown his skeleton, even to the extent that he has always had his tongue settled outside his mouth from the moment he got here. Rufus is also the calamitous one, if anything is going to happen, it has & does happen to him. Albert weighs in at 78.8 Kilograms, Rufus 91.4 Kilograms.

Despite everything I love them dearly & I would not be without them. They are truly brothers in arms. They have marvellous temperaments; love people and it’s is true when I say that their photographs have made it to many parts of the world. They enrich my life & I think it is fair to say that they do the same, to those who meet them.


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We have a new leaflet

An all new leaflet hot off the press. New cover stars, new information and old friends.

Pick yours up at your local vets or if for some reason they they don’t have theirs yet
call us on 01949 837 111 and we’ll send you one.

Carley waiting for her new leaflet.

Case Study: Border Collie: Buddie

buddieBuddie is a very cheeky 10 year old border collie, always up to mischief and very active.

In August 2016 he had an accident whilst running down some sloped garden steps in the back garden and injured his back. He could not walk or even stand on his back legs. After an MRI scan it showed that he had spinal trauma and could only get around if I held him up with a sling under his back end.

Going from an extremely fit and happy dog he was very frustrated and unhappy at not being able to do the things he use to do. He risked hurting his back further by trying to do silly things thought boredom.

Hydrotherapy was suggested to me by the vets so Buddie could strengthen his muscles safely and still do exercise whilst being supported.

After searching the internet I found Pamela Marsh and contacted her for help and advice. After meeting Buddie Pamela give myself and Buddie some advice on ways to help Buddie to exercise safely at home to strengthen his back and legs. Pamela decided that the hydro therapy pool would be good for Buddie and he took to it straight away.

His mobility has returned and is back to his normal cheeky self, into everything and always up for a walk.

Pamela and her team are very patient and understanding. Now Buddie is feeling back to his normal, each visit Pamela knows to move any paperwork well away from the pool as Buddie seems to think it fun to splash in the pool and try and wet everyone and all the her paperwork.
by Julie Househam

New Treadmill Delivery (A Modern Photo Story)

Our new treadmill arrived a few weeks ago. Here is how it happened!

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Great to see Amber in such good shape

For those of you with long memories, you may remember Amber. She is a longstanding paient here at Canine Physio-Hydro Centre who, as you can see, remains active and well despite her arthritis.

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Despite arthritis, Pru swims for Newton


“Pru is 13 years old, going on 14, and has been enjoying hydrotherapy for nearly two years which has been of great benefit to her as she had developed an arthritic back leg.

She is still walking approximately 1 1/2 miles per morning with a quick sprint up the fields in the afternoon.  Prior to her regular swims, stairs were becoming somewhat difficult for her but there has been considerable improvement and the climb she insists on doing appears much easier for her.

Pru recommends hydrotherapy to any of her doggie friends who are experiencing similar problems and loves to swim.”

Mrs. M. from Newton