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Great to see Amber in such good shape

For those of you with long memories, you may remember Amber. She is a longstanding paient here at Canine Physio-Hydro Centre who, as you can see, remains active and well despite her arthritis.

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Despite arthritis, Pru swims for Newton


“Pru is 13 years old, going on 14, and has been enjoying hydrotherapy for nearly two years which has been of great benefit to her as she had developed an arthritic back leg.

She is still walking approximately 1 1/2 miles per morning with a quick sprint up the fields in the afternoon.  Prior to her regular swims, stairs were becoming somewhat difficult for her but there has been considerable improvement and the climb she insists on doing appears much easier for her.

Pru recommends hydrotherapy to any of her doggie friends who are experiencing similar problems and loves to swim.”

Mrs. M. from Newton

Amber ~ hip dysplasia

Amber swmming in the hydrotherapy pool

Amber, a five year old small yellow labrador, was born with severe hip dysplasia.  The muscles in her hind quarters, which have developed from the treatment, are now strong enough to support her in everything she does. – chasing balls, sticks and following trails.  Swimming in lakes, running endlessly on the beach. All the normal things that dogs love to do, which used to make her back legs so stiff, are now easy and comfortable for her.

Barnaby ~ Labrador ~ Hip Problems

“There has been a huge transformation in Barnaby’s mobility since attending hydrotherapy sessions. Both he and I enjoy coming to a friendly setting”.

(Labrador – Hip problems)

Chris H.