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A spring in his step



“Podge is a 5 year old Springer Spaniel, a former working gundog, which was rescued from Ireland.  The cruciate ligaments in both hind legs were found to be damaged but these were repaired before he was rehomed two weeks later in an experienced household where they already had an older Springer bitch. Post operatively he was referred by his Veterinary Surgeon for treatment which consisted of hydrotherapy plus a physiotherapy exercise programme which his owners continued between treatments sessions.  He has now changed – with much love, care and understanding – from being a very nervous timid dog to being a typical Springer who enjoys his walks, loves life generally and has been known to visit his neighbours pond.”


Note: The water is not  green as it looks in this picture. The phone camera made it look this way.
By the way, don’t worry, the rat IS a toy.