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Toby is a much brighter and happier dog

My 12 year old golden retriever Toby began to show signs of distress at the beginning of June 2018.  His back legs began ‘knuckling’ and giving way.  He needed to lie down continually when out for a walk and on one occasion I had to be helped by some kind passers by to get him back onto his feet.

We were worried that if this situation continued, we may lose him.

We visited our local vet who prescribed various medication. This was helpful, but he was still having difficulties. I returned to the vet and asked him to refer Toby to Pam for a consultation to see if he could be helped. He had been to her previously several years ago when he had undergone 2 separate cruciate operations.

An appointment was duly made, and Toby had a successful assessment with Pam. It was decided to put him through a course of water treadmill treatment to increase the muscle tone and strength in his back legs. Toby is ¾ of the way through his treatment and the change in him has been incredible. The muscle tone throughout his entire body has improved and he is able to manage his walks again. He is a much brighter and happier dog.

Pam’s care and expertise has given us hope that our faithful old boy will be with our family for some time to come.