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We have a new leaflet

An all new leaflet hot off the press. New cover stars, new information and old friends.

Pick yours up at your local vets or if for some reason they they don’t have theirs yet
call us on 01949 837 111 and we’ll send you one.

Carley waiting for her new leaflet.

Carley steps out

We love this picture.

It shows Carley using the incline feature of our underwater treadmill to work on her shoulders.

An Underwater (Treadmill) Movie

Here is some great footage of Buddie using the Underwater Treadmill. Great to see him so doing well.

If you’ve not met Buddie before you can find out more about him here.

We have some new equipment

water-treadmillWe are pleased to be able to offer a new water treadmill with incline as part of our Hydro Physiotherapy service. The picture to the left shows our new piece of equipment actually being made. (It’s quite a size as you can judge. Note the man in the photo for scale!)

Our new water treadmill allows us to offer a more comprehensive range of treatments. We see this as the final peice of the puzzle that includes physiotherapy, home exercise plans, hydrotherapy and now water treadmill rehabilitation programmes.  We can confidently say that we are the best equipped practice in the area.